The Profitable Convention Artist (Full Course + Bonuses)

Run Your Artist Alley Business...Like a Pro

Course closed on: Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 11:55 pm

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You're Losing Money Selling at Conventions

Selling your artwork at conventions is tough stuff.

You never know if your work will sell, how much you should charge, and how many products you should make. You’re already spending a chuck-load of money on the table, supplies, and travel expenses even before making any money!

The worst part is, by the time you come back home from the long hours trapped behind a table, you find out that you’ve only made enough for that sandwich you ate at the con.

What if I told you it doesn't have to be that way?

That you can confidently sell your artwork, increase your profits AND have customers coming back begging to buy more from you again and again? (All without having to be a sleazy salesperson.)

Well you can.

"Every single course and lesson was so specific in the target audience, yet so broad in that everyone this [course] is marketed to is an artist showing and displaying work at an event."

Melquea Smith, Artist, PrettyKitty Commissions

Here’s how you can turn your convention business around in 3 simple steps:

Learn to value yourself and your work

Choose the right products and conventions for YOU

Price and get paying AND returning customers

5 reasons why you need to take this class before your next convention:

  1. Never lose money on a convention again
  2. Learn strategies to boost your brand and make yourself stand out from the crowd
  3. Save time worrying on pricing and production and spend more time CREATING
  4. Learn how to get customers to buy more without scaring them away
  5. Build that group of raving fans and returning customers who are just waiting for your next big artwork to buy

This online course will teach you the 5 S's Steps to a profitable convention business

In 5 lessons, you will learn how to:

1. Specialize and Craft a Solid Brand - Learn how to brand yourself

2. Select Profitable Products - Learn how to choose and make products profitable for you

3. (Re)Search Profitable Conventions - Determine profitable, low-risk conventions

4. Set Profitable Prices - Price your products profitably and hit your profit goals

5. Socialize and Optimize Your Profits - Engage and sell to your customers without feeling too salesy

“I would say the biggest benefit from the course was how to research if a convention would be a good risk to try and table at. That was an invaluable resource to me as I look to expand out of my hometown and being new I thought all I had to do was figure it out on my own, but the resources on that video showed me otherwise.”

- Zachary Mleczek, Artist , Angel with Horns

How do I know all this works? Because I've been there and done it.

Your Instructor

Tuyet Tran
Tuyet Tran

When I first started selling at conventions, I used to make lots of costly mistakes too: creating artwork that didn’t sell, charging myself less than minimum wage on commissions, signing up for any con only to leave with very little profit…

I was tired of “testing” artwork that didn’t sell and making decisions without any data or facts to back me up. So I decided to do my research. I plowed through countless business and accounting mumbo jumbo to make sense of everything and studied from expert 7-figure business owners how to make money the right way.

And now, things FINALLY make sense.

I know exactly what kind of artwork I should sell, how much I should charge for commissions, when to say yes or no to signing up for cons AND determine which products and pricing strategies will make me money. I have since doubled my own convention profits as a result.

And now I want to share them with you.

“[Tuyet] has the knowledge and the drive that backs this project up. Not only that but your information is also timeless. 10 years down the line, this course is still worth the purchase because the basis of the info won’t become irrelevant.”

Melquea Smith, Artist, PrettyKitty Commissions

Why I Created This Course

I’ve witnessed too many artists spending so much time and money on conventions only to return home with a pile of unsold artwork, some of them feeling like giving up selling at conventions because they made little to no money. (I’m even worried to think about those in the red.

I’ve seen this too many times and it breaks my heart.

But I can help.

If you just say YES to it.

What You Get When You Sign Up for this Course

5 Core Lessons Lifetime Access

Lessons will be in video format. You will have lifetime access to watch and rewatch them at your own pace. No rush!

Real Value: $975

Exclusive Facebook Group Access

What’s having a class without having classmate engagement? Share your responses to each of the lessons and interact with other convention artists looking to make money just like you. Get your questions answered from your fellow artists and from yours truly on a weekly basis.

Real Value: $95

Bonus Worksheets

Worksheets and checklists you can print to help you organize your thoughts and apply what you learn throughout the course.

Real Value: $35

Bonus Calculators

I’ve done all the hard work for you and organized the info you need for accounting in Excel sheets so you can just simply plug in your numbers and have it immediately give you answers. Like magic!

Real Value: $230

Bonus Lessons

There are other factors that can affect your profits as well, so I decided to include two bonus lessons for you. New information will be added continuously to this full course only so you'll always be paying less than what you signed up for.

  1. Displays Done Right – How to set up a profitable display
  2. The PITA Customers – How to deal with difficult customers

Real Value: $55+

“I Don’t Want Your Money Back” Guarantee

I firmly believe that I don't deserve your money if you do not make money after completing and implementing this course.

So if you feel that you are not satisfied with your progress after you've completed the lessons and assignments for the course, please email me your completed assignments at tuyet.snowgem@gmail.com within 60 days and I will return 100% of your money with the “I Don’t Want Your Money Back Guarantee.”

The reason I need your completed assignments is simple. I am completely committed to your results and success, so it is only right that you are as equally committed to yourself by taking action. And if you're committed to yourself, I'm sure you're going to see results. ^_^

“The excel sheets with pricing guides and detailed information for pricing my work profitably were eye-opening and super helpful! I liked the worksheets that were provided too. The interactive excel sheets, and helpful interactions with the instructor [Tuyet] as well as with other students really made the course enjoyable and memorable. Everyone was always pleasant and had great insights.”

Vivian Tong, Artist, SketchBeetle Art

This course is not open for enrollment.

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have time to take this course?
Of course you’re busy, but you don’t have to watch everything in one go. You’ll have access to this course FOREVER, which means you can always watch the videos at your own pace and download the content whenever you want. Of course, the sooner you go through the course, the sooner you will see results.
What if I don't have the money?
As an artist, I understand the struggles. I don’t want money to be an issue for you. That’s why I’m giving you my “I Don’t Want Your Money Back Guarantee.” Which means if you decide that all this information was just plain rubbish after going through the entire course, completing the exercises, and reaching out for help in the Facebook group, then I DON’T want your money. If you feel I did not deliver, please let me know within 60 days for a full refund and I will return your money with a smile. =)
“What if it doesn’t answer my specific questions?”
You can ask questions in the FB group. All your fellow profitable convention artists will be there to help you out. I will also personally be there in the Facebook group to help you in the process until you successfully transform your convention business.
“I haven’t sold at a convention before, is this class right for me?”
Even better! This class will prepare you for your very first con so you know you’ll make money on your first go without spending so much money upfront on cons and supplies with no guarantee of return.

“Because I was barely breaking even, if at all at tables up until recently, I was hesitant to spend even more money on a venture I wasn’t sure would even work out."

- Vivian Tong, Artist, SketchBeetle Art

The “venture” she was talking about was signing up for The Profitable Convention Artist course when it opened for beta testing back in November 2016.

Before taking the course, she “actually wasn’t profiting at all at actual cons. [She] would be lucky if [she] broke even.”

She took a chance on the course anyway, and mid-way into the course, she made $610 in gross sales at a convention! Note that she wasn’t making money at all at previous conventions, so this was huge!

After completing the course, she increased her gross earnings to…guess what? $1,250!

However, after calculating the overhead costs for this convention (using what she learned from the course), she realized that she ALMOST hit $1000 in PROFIT, not yet making the $1K mark.

And so she set $1K as her goal for her next convention…

Fast forward to April 10th, 2017, a day after my birthday, she Facebook messaged me saying:

I don't know about you, but that was the best birthday gift ever received: success from my student.

Vivian's Update (4/21/17):

I can't tell you how much I want you to succeed.

But most importantly, do YOU want to succeed?

Do YOU want to transform your artist alley business with a proven system and make thousands of dollars at conventions, just like Vivian?

Well, you can.

if you just say YES.

We’re all waiting for you on the other side. =)

This course is not open for enrollment.